Preacherman's Son
Gunfighter John Wesley Hardin

Jack White

John Wesley Hardin was the son of a Methodist minister who named his second boy after the founder of his church. The Reverend wanted Wes to become a man of faith; along the way the Preacherman's son drifted. By the time Wes was 15 he shot and killed 4 men. These deaths were the gateway to a killing spree that lasted ten years. Not a serial killer the majority of Hardin’s shootings were carried out in the old west tradition; the man with the fastest draw wins. By the time Hardin was 25 he had killed 42 men. Wes' life story reads like an old fashioned, page turning murder mystery. The action takes place immediately after the Civil War during the Reconstruction period. He was the most wanted man in the state; Texas Rangers, local Sheriffs, Union Soldiers and numerous bounty hunters frantically looked for John Wesley Hardin. If you enjoy a thriller Preacherman's Son will not disappoint. My heartfelt wish is you will enjoy reading my historical novel as much as I did penning the words.

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Run Oklahoma Run
From Discovery to Statehood

Jack White

Jack White's intentions were to weave a story of a strong hearted people in a Territory of Greatness. From the discovery of golden fields of tall grass in 1541 by Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado until the United States' Congress made Oklahoma the 46th state in November 1907. Moving from family to family to transport the story from one generation to the next Jack intertwined enough mystery and intrigue to make the book a page-turner. This is definitely not a historical novel filled only with boring dates and unimaginative facts. The story flows and meanders like a winding stream until President Teddy Roosevelt witnesses John Abernathy, an Oklahoman, grabbing angry Lobo wolves with his bare hands. Jack White's goal from the first word typed was to put on paper a record of the history of the most interesting Territory in the greater United States. "Run Oklahoma Run" is a book you will pass down to your great grandchildren.

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Sea to Shining Sea:
The Mexican American War and the Manifest Destiny

Jack White

"Sea to Shining Sea: The Mexican American War and the Manifest Destiny" is a stand-alone sequel to Jack White’s historical novel "Ten Years In Texas". "Sea to Shining Sea" is set during the years 1846 to 1848 and covers the bloody war between the two major North American powers. Jack deals with the deception and backstabbing on both sides of the Rio Grande, along with the heroic efforts of individuals who braved their lives for the Manifest Destiny. Written with the nail biting excitement of a novel, "Sea to Shining Sea" is historically accurate down to the weapons used on each side. By the end of the war the United States extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, with President James K. Polk doubling America’s landmass during his four years in the Oval Office. If you enjoy history you will love "Sea to Shining Sea". This historical novel is crammed full of interesting tidbits and information not found in any books covering this important moment in America‘s colorful past.

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Ten Years in Texas

Jack White

Ten Years in Texas - Jack White
Ten Years in Texas is a riveting, page turning historical novel based on the 10 years Texas struggled to rip a Republic from the iron fist of the Mexican dictator, Santa Anna. You will follow the seeds of independence and the formation of an area known as Texas. Author Jack White places you alongside General Sam Houston as the Lone Star of Texas is lowered for the last time and the stars and stripes rose. Some characters are fictional to help enhance the story of the struggle and hardship facing those who were brave enough to forge a nation out of the wilderness. The real heroes are accurate to the smallest details with one exception; the author extends the life of Baron de Bastrop, because without him there would be no Texas. With skillful use of words the author makes you freeze in an ice storm or swelter under the blazing Texas sun. He uses his vast knowledge of Texas geography, allowing the reader to visualize the terrain as the battles unfold. Ten Years in Texas is a must read for anyone interested in the cesarean birth of Texas and the ten years of blood, sweat and tears that followed. The large 10"x7" hardcopy book can be purchased through

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