Imagine DVD
Play Length: 55 Minutes - Set for Continuous Play
Over 100 works

of Senkarik's colorful art

come alive with

piano music by

national recording artists -

The O'Neill Brothers

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Mikki Senkarik's paintings are a vision into her own personal safe haven, her private space, her dream world. The colors of her paintings are not real world colors. They are colors of her own created world... they are bright, vivid, happy colors. Mikki wants us to join with her, just for a moment; in this colorful, joyful, yet peaceful world of her own imagination...

The O'Neill Brothers are national known recording artists from New Prague, MN, and have released over 20 CDs of relaxing piano music in their own signature style. To date, they have sold over 1,000,000 CDs. Some of their most popular melodies accompany The Art of Mikki Senkarik.


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