How to commission a Senkarik

Step one: First decide three things.

A. Where? Where do I plan to hang my new Senkarik or Senkariks? We do have Team Members that order two or three pieces. Will you be moving some art and putting your new commission in its place? Is this for a certain spot?

B. What? What size works best for you? Do you need a portrait or landscape orientation? Portrait is vertical where the art is taller than it is wide. Landscape is horizontal where the image is wider than tall. We have found that cutting a piece of paper or folding a sheet and pinning it to your wall will allow you to decide what the ideal size is for your space. Will a standard size work or do you require a custom made canvas?

Our standard size canvases we keep in stock are:


Other sizes must be custom made by our canvas supplier. Expect a 6 weeks delay and a surcharge on custom sizes. Our canvas supplier charges us extra on the boxing, plus it is more expensive to ship one piece than several.

C. How? How much money do you plan to invest? We will do our best to work within your budget. Of course size does dictate the cost; however, first decide the perfect piece and then let us see just how inventive we can become in helping you commission your ideal painting or paintings.

Step two: Now we need for you to select what you love. I call my commissions “collaborations” because I take your ideas and merge them with mine to design your perfect painting.

A. Go to the Originals section on my Website and study the formats of the images I have displayed. Please note, no names are on the paintings. This is designed so all you have to do is pick a number.

B. You tell me, “Mikki we love the orientation (format) of #17
We love the door color of #5
and the water scene of #6

C. After you have selected the size, how much you want to invest and know what you like and don’t like, then you and I will get together to come up with your perfect piece.

What works best is for you to phone me or set a time for me to phone you.

You get on your computer and I will ours. Over the phone we can banter back and forth with ideas until I’m confident I know exactly what works best for you. 100% satisfaction is promised. Knock on wood; I have never had anyone I’ve worked with unhappy with his or her collaboration. Years ago one of our galleries took a commission but didn’t give me the correct information; that couple was not happy. After I phoned I realized what they thought was Taos Blue and what I thought was Taos Blue were shades apart. That is when Jack devised the numbering system on my site. You can tell me you love the color of the doors in # 36 and I will have no doubt what color blue you are wanting.

Currently about 25% to 29% of all the paintings I do are collaborations. I always say, “I have illustrated 47 major medical books for doctors I never met. If I can make that many doctors happy, doing what you want will be a piece of cake.”

I’m ready to get started on your special painting, all you need to do is decide what works best for you and contact me. Team Senkarik Members are moved to the front of the line. Diamond Team Senkarik Members are moved ahead of gallery work.

Click here to see Mikki painting a commision.